$400 Scholarships to Québec!

Comparative Urban Planning And Urban Design - Québec, Canada and the U.S.

URBDP 498C/598C or LArch 495A – 3-5 Credits

$400 Scholarships available for the first 10 students signed up – must register by June 1 

The course is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students for three hours of credit. It will be led by Dr. Fritz Wagner and Dr. Régent Cabana. We will visit three Canadian cities—Montreal, Québec City and Ottawa—where a number of professors, government officials and other urban experts will give lectures and tours. We will look at the European influence as well as the distinctive Canadian French culture of these cities that make them unique in North America.

The course will examine similarities and differences between U.S. and Canadian cities, with a focus on current urban issues confronting communities in Québec, Canada. We will study the physical layout of cities, urban design, urban growth, problems related to the environment, governmental institutions, as well as historical, social and cultural factors specific to Québec cities and Ottawa. Students will write a paper on a topic related to urban issues encountered in Canada.

Arrival in Montreal on Tuesday. Program in Montreal Wednesday and Thursday, Train to QC on Friday morning. Program in QC Friday afternoon and Saturday. Train to Ottawa on Sunday pm. Program in Ottawa on Monday/Tue. and return to Seattle on Wed.

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