Take a class that will change your life: Honors 230: Summer Class at Monroe prison 

Take a class that will change your life!

Join us for ?Education Inside Prison? this summer (H230, B term). We will hold a series of classes at the Twin Rivers Unit of the Monroe Correctional Complex (about 45 minutes outside of Seattle, transportation provided). We will study collaboratively with a group of student-inmates and we will tour the facility and meet with the prison?s administrative and correctional staff. In our on-campus sessions, we will learn from guest speakers who are engaged in providing educational opportunities inside prisons.

Please make sure you can attend the following prison sessions: Wednesdays during B term (leaving from campus at 11:00 am, returning at around 5:00 pm on July 29, Aug. 5, Aug. 12, Aug. 19). A day-long session at the prison is scheduled for Thursday, July 30 (we?ll leave campus at 9:00 am, return at 5:00 pm). Enrollment is limited to 12; students must be over 18 years and will need to provide information for clearance to enter the prison.

Course Details

Honors class, H230A,

Summer 2015 Quarter B term

SLN 11697.

Instructor:  Claudia Jensen


Students do not need to be in the Honors program in order to sign up

Please contact Claudia Jensen for more information and for the add codes at cjensen@uw.edu