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Take a class that will change your life: Honors 230: Summer Class at Monroe prison 

Submitted by Political Science Advising on April 30, 2015 - 9:27am

Take a class that will change your life!

Join us for ?Education Inside Prison? this summer (H230, B term). We will hold a series of classes at the Twin Rivers Unit of the Monroe Correctional Complex (about 45 minutes outside of Seattle, transportation provided). We will study collaboratively with a group of student-inmates and we will tour the facility and meet with the prison?s administrative and correctional staff. In our on-campus sessions, we will learn from guest speakers who are engaged in providing educational opportunities inside prisons.

Please make sure you can attend the following prison sessions: Wednesdays during B term (leaving from campus at 11:00 am, returning at around 5:00 pm on July 29, Aug. 5, Aug. 12, Aug. 19). A day-long session at the prison is scheduled for Thursday, July 30 (we?ll leave campus at 9:00 am, return at 5:00 pm). Enrollment is limited to 12; students must be over 18 years and will need to provide information for clearance to enter the prison.

Course Details

Honors class, H230A,

Summer 2015 Quarter B term

SLN 11697.

Instructor:  Claudia Jensen


Students do not need to be in the Honors program in order to sign up

Please contact Claudia Jensen for more information and for the add codes at