Summer A term class - PHIL 115: Practical Reasoning

PHIL 115: Practical Reasoning is being offered this summer as an A term course.  It has plenty of seats still available so please keep it in mind when you are meeting with students.  As you probably already know PHIL 115 is a great way for students who "math shy" to satisfy their Q/SR requirement while still be challenged to engage the analytical side of their brains.

Details below to share as you see fit.  Thanks!   -Gina, Philosophy

PHIL 115: Practical Reasoning
Summer 2015 A term

Instructor: Fareed Awan
Daily 10:50-1:00
I&S,QSR  5 credits
sln: 13051

Contemporary controversies, for instance climate change, vaccines, and the morality of abortion, exist because of differences in people's beliefs. In this summer A term class you will learn how to evaluate the evidence for those beliefs. Should we trust scientists about complex models of climate? How do you prove that one thing causes another? Can a moral claim be true or false, or is morality just relative?

Practical reasoning teaches us how to address these questions (and more).

You will learn to formulate and criticize different types of arguments, identify errors of reasoning in symbolic and natural language, and to read and think critically about evidence standards in philosophy, media, and science.

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