Writing Help Available!

Do you want to finish the academic year with your strongest papers yet? Do you have a desire to improve your writing? As you head into the second half of the quarter, keep in mind the support the Political Science/Law, Societies & Justice/Jackson School of International Studies/ Comparative History of Ideas Writing Center can provide!

The POLS/LSJ/JSIS/CHID Writing Center is located in Gowen 111 (to the left of the main Political Science office). We are open weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (except for Fridays when we close at 2:30 pm).

Any student taking a course listed or cross-listed in Political Science, Law Societies & Justice, the Jackson School, or Comparative History of Ideas, or majoring in any of those departments, is welcome to utilize our center. Our undergraduate tutors include students who have taken a broad array of courses in these disciplines, and all of them are paid to provide free help to you!

Our goal at the center is to help you not only with the assignment in front of you, but also to develop your writing skills more generally. We work with students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming about a prompt or assignment to discussing problem spots in a working draft to a final draft that just needs a second set of eyes. We can also provide feedback to students who are working on admissions letters to graduate school or application letters of any type.

You can make an appointment now by going to our website, http://depts.washington.edu/pswrite. Our schedule fills up quickly, so signing up early is a good idea.  

Additionally, every day from 1:15 until close we have a tutor available just for drop-in sessions (no appointment needed). Of course, you are welcome to drop by the Writing Center whenever we are open and, if available, a tutor will be happy to work with you. 

In racks outside the Center you will find hardcopy resources on writing, which are also available on our website. These short handouts cover diverse topics such as paper organization, constructing a sound thesis statement, final draft checklist, citing print sources, and punctuation.  Digital copies of these handouts are available on our website at: http://depts.washington.edu/pswrite/forstudents.html

Please come see us! We look forward to working with you this spring.

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