Summer Drama Classes

There is still space available in several fantastic drama classes this summer! Earn VLPA credit, get personalized attention in smaller classes, and have a lot of fun!

Drama 259, Beginning Acting, taught by L. Zane

A-Term MTWTh 10:50-12:50 Hutchinson 205

An introductory acting class designed for all levels. No experience necessary. The course will involve work with contemporary texts, plays and screenplays, improvisation and theater games. The primary aim is to stimulate the imagination and to inspire insightful and authentic storytelling. Acting is a child's game - at the adult level - come play!

Drama 457, Creating Drama, taught by L. Zane

B-Term To Be Arranged Based on Student Schedule

In this course students will experiment and explore various ways of creating and building stories for the stage. Using a combination of published and original text, we will assemble a 'play' to be performed at the end of the term. Various performance and storytelling techniques, including improvisation and theater games, will be employed as investigative tools. The subject matter, the selection of material and the means of production, will be defined and developed by the student cohort, with faculty guidance and mentorship.

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