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Reclaim the Regents! Thursday, 12:30pm Mary Gates Hall

Submitted by Political Science Advising on May 13, 2015 - 9:29am
On Thursday, May 14 the UW Board of Regents will be holding a meeting in the Petersen Room in Allen Library. A coalition of students and workers called Reclaim UW will be attending the meeting and demanding an end to rampant inequality on campus. 
When we demand an end to inequality at UW, we mean it in the broadest sense. We mean racial inequality in which only 3% of students and 1.7% of faculty identify as Black; economic inequality in which 12,000 campus workers sustain themselves on less than $15/hr, while over 1,700 UW employees make above $150,000 per year; and structural inequality in which binding power and authority at UW rests with a Board of Regents, most of whom are current and former business executives.
We will start with a rally at the “Blocked Out” sculpture in front of Mary Gates Hall at 12:30 before walking into the Regents meeting. During the public comment period at 1pm we will redeliver our list of demands.
Join us to demand a more equitable campus!
 Event Details
Thursday, May 14
12:30 p.m.
Mary Gates Hall
@ "Blocked Out" sculpture between Allen Library and Mary Gates Hall