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Harlan Hahn Call for Proposals - Deadline Extended to Friday, May 22nd

Submitted by Political Science Advising on May 20, 2015 - 9:34am

The Harlan Hahn Endowment Fund was established by the generous gift of the late Harlan D. Hahn, disability activist, political scientist, and disability studies scholar, to the University of Washington’s Disability Studies Program. The Harlan Hahn awards typically range between $500 and $5,000. The number and amount of the grants awarded depends on the quality of the individual projects and the overall number of eligible proposals received.
2015 Call for Proposals
The Disability Studies Program is pleased to announce that the Harlan Hahn Fund call for proposals is now open for Spring Quarter 2015. Current students, faculty, and staff from all three University of Washington campuses are invited to submit a grant proposal. Applications must describe research, writing, or activist projects that are framed within, aligned with, or potentially informed by the academic field of Disability Studies.
Awarded Harlan Hahn funds may be used for:
•       Support of academic research projects, pedagogical research, or writing projects in Disability Studies or informed by Disability Studies.
•       Travel to conferences in the field of Disability Studies or related to Disability Studies, to present research or to participate in the Disability Studies academic community.
•       Support for the development of a course with Disability Studies content.
•       Support for disability related activist endeavors (e.g. web development, meeting support) that are aligned with Disability Studies.
Application Process
Application deadline extended to Friday, May 22 at 11 pm.
All application materials should be submitted to the Catalyst dropbox:
The Harlan Hahn Fund Committee will notify the award recipients of its decisions by May 29, 2015. Applicants may request feedback from the Committee for improving their chances in the next year’s competition.

To apply, submit all of the following:
        • A brief (1-2 page) proposal outlining the specific activities that will be funded by the Harlan Hahn grant, how the project fits the award criteria, and the expected outcomes.
        • A brief personal statement describing how the applicant exemplifies the award criteria. This should include a description of the applicant’s Disability Studies related experience, research, teaching, and/or career goals, and an explanation of how the grant support will advance the applicant’s research and/or education.
        • Resume/CV.
        • Official or unofficial academic transcript (for students), or UW employment history (for staff and faculty).
        • Name and contact information for one professional reference.
        • A detailed narrative budget justification. Request a specific total amount of funds needed for the project, and provide estimates for how funds will be spent on particular needs. Sample spending categories are outlined in “Selection criteria.”
Eligibility Requirements
        • You must be an enrolled University of Washington undergraduate or graduate student at the time of application.
        • Eligible applicants should have a minimum 3.0 GPA in Disability Studies courses or equivalent demonstration      of academic excellence in areas related to Disability Studies (e.g. courses completed in related disciplines, courses taught as a graduate teaching assistant, or scholarly work conducted as a research assistant).
        • Eligible applicants may also provide evidence of commitment to issues of social justice related to people with      disabilities (e.g. work, volunteer, or activist experiences) and/or Disability Studies scholarship.
        • You must be a University of Washington academic or staff employee with a minimum 50% appointment at the time of application.
        • Eligible applicants should have exhibited and sustained efforts towards incorporating the Disability Studies approach into research and/or teaching and contributing to the knowledge base of Disability Studies.
        • Eligible applicants may also provide evidence of commitment to issues of social justice related to people with disabilities (e.g. work, volunteer, or activist experiences) and/or Disability Studies scholarship.
NOTE: Everyone interested in submitting a proposal is welcome to consult with members of the Harlan Hahn Fund Committee about the grants and/or the application process. Please request a consultation as early as possible in the preparation process. For 2015, the contact person is Professor José Alaniz (

Selection Criteria:
Disability Studies content. We are interested in proposals that have potential to contribute to the field of Disability Studies (DS). DS focuses on the social, cultural, political, and historical meanings of disability. DS is not medicine, special education, or professions oriented towards prevention or treatment of disabilities, but it should inform those disciplines. The field of Disability Studies explores how disability has been constructed, demarcated, and represented in culture and art, laws and policies, professional practices, and everyday life. The intersections between disability and other identity categories such as gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity are addressed in DS teaching, scholarship, and activism. The voices and roles of disabled people themselves are emphasized in defining problems and evaluating solutions. For more information about the field, please visit the websites of the UW Disability Studies Program ( and the Society for Disability Studies (

Concept and impact. We will be looking for proposals with a well-conceptualized research methodology or manuscript idea. For research and/or writing projects, explain how you plan to disseminate your findings or what other concrete products you anticipate. If you propose attendance at a conference, explain how this conference will inform your future work or how your contribution to the conference disseminates Disability Studies content. If you propose to develop a course, explain how the course will be implemented and made sustainable.
Budget justification. We will evaluate whether the proposed budget is appropriate to meet the stated goals of the project. Include in your narrative explanation: clearly defined and realistic expenditures; a plan of action to implement spending; exact dates or clearly defined time frames for completion of segments of the project; full description of the conference, people
who will be hired and for what skills, survey population, etc. Also identify whether Harlan Hahn funds will be sufficient to cover all costs of the activities, and what additional sources of funding you have sought and/or received for the project. Provide approximate values for expenditures in any of the following categories:
        • Salary (NOTE: Salary is subject to applicable UW benefits costs) 
        • Travel costs
        • Conference fees, lodging, per diem
        • Research subject payments
        • Routine supplies
        • Research or writing support services (e.g. fees to outside consultants)
        • Other (provide explanation)
Previous grantees. Past performance with Harlan Hahn Fund awards will also be taken into consideration when assessing an application by a previous winner.
Additional Information for Applicants
Payment of grants. After the decision process is complete, each grant recipient will be required to consult with the Disability Studies Program fiscal administrator and devise a precise budget.
Required outcomes. Recipients of the Harlan Hahn Grant are expected to give a Disability Studies Program brown bag talk or other public presentation, as well as submit a short written summary of how the funds were spent. Funds must be used for the proposed project.
Time to completion. All grant-funded activities must be completed by June 30, 2016.
Questions. If you have any questions about the grants and/or the application process, please contact Professor José Alaniz (


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