Apply for Aug & September Intensive College-to-Career Program, Info Sessions May 21, 27, 28


UW College of Arts & Sciences and Koru, a college-to-career program, will help you translate what you’ve learned in college to real professional experience.


Want all the benefits of a summer 2 short weeks? UW and Koru are hosting a summer job prep program for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. You’ll work on real projects for
real companies and walk away with hands-on job experience. You’ll also expand your network for future summer job or internship opportunities. It's a win-win. Join us!
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• Skills
• Experience
• Mentorship
• Network


Thursday             May 21st, 12:30-1:30pm
Wednesday       May 27th, 3:30-4:30pm 
Thursday             May 28th, 12:30-1:30pm

• Who is the program open to? It is for continuing students (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) in the College of Arts & Sciences. Pre-majors who intended to declare an A&S major are also eligible.
Students graduating in spring and summer 2015 are not eligible.
• What is the program? The Koru@UW A&S program begins with assessing skills and preparing to engage in the professional world, but refined and amended to be more meaningful for our majors as they work
on their degrees. It will help you think proactively about all the opportunities you have, and reinforce the value of our majors and the skills associated with them. It will culminate in an employer
challenge that lets you put your strengths to task with a local organization. 
• Why should students do the Koru@UW A&S program? We know we have to get more students thinking about post-graduation plans sooner than later. We also hear so much about “what am I going to do with a
______ degree?” and the worries associated with choosing majors that aren’t deemed “valuable” while an undergraduate. This program is the first of a number of new initiatives the College of Arts &
Sciences will embark upon with a variety of partners. Koru@UW A&S is particularly well-suited for students wanting to grow and develop professional skills and networks quickly. It is also a perfect
place to situate a better understanding of how the next steps could unfold before and after graduation for students concerned about professional opportunities. 
• How much does it cost? It is $795, and there is financial aid available. 
• When and where is it? There are two sessions: Aug 17-28, 2015 and September 8-18, 2015. Both sessions will take place on the UW campus, and housing is available for those who don’t live in the
Seattle area.
• Do you earn credit for the program? No, this is not an academic course.