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Everybody Eats! C Env 110

Submitted by Political Science Advising on May 27, 2015 - 9:30am

C ENV 110  Introduction to Food and the Environment - 5 credits


SLN# 11831 (plus lab section)

No prerequisites. Great for Freshmen!


Everyone eats, and all food production has environmental consequences.

  • ·         Discover environmental science through food production.
  • ·         Explore the link between the decline of civilizations and current farmer efforts to cope with changing water supply, topsoil loss, and technology.
  • ·         Create a food diary and find out the environmental consequences of your diet.
  • ·         Understand what climate change, politics, culture, biodiversity, and geography have to do with food.



Also offered as part of a FIG (sections AB & AF)

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