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Summer Courses Space Available: Environmental Studies

Submitted by Caterina Rost on June 17, 2015 - 11:42am

Intro to Environmental Economics (I&S/NW)

ENVIR 235 (5cr)
M, T, W, TTh, F   1:10-3:20pm
This course fulfills the econ requirement for Environmental Studies majors
A-term only – Full-immersion learning, a concentrated and effective way to learn!

Introduces environmental and natural resource economics. Discusses fundamental economic concepts, including markets and private property. Includes basic tools used in the economic assessment of environmental problems and applies these methods to key environmental issues. Offered: jointly with ENVIR 235/ESRM 235

Sustainable Choices (with service learning added) (I&S/NW)

ENVIR 239-B  (5cr)
T/Th   noon-1:40pm
Full term (both A and B terms)

Explore sustainability through lecture, discussion, writing, and personal sustainability activities. Add service learning component for the 5-credit section. Unpack issues such as consumption and happiness; sustainable food choices; green energy; water use; sustainable campuses; and economics.  Deeply explore the impacts of your choices through activities around food, waste, consumption, and citizen action.  Instructor:  Kristi Straus

Urban Farm Practicum (I&S/NW)

ENVIR 495-A (3cr)
W noon-5:00pm
A-term only – Big chunk learning!

Become familiar with techniques of food production in urban settings; gain a working knowledge of plant families, basic soil characteristics and methods of compost production. Expand your abilities to grow food in an urban setting through experiential learning on the UW Farm!  Instructor: Elizabeth Wheat

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