Introduction to World Religions: Western Traditions - Still has space AUTUMN 2015

Still searching for a great elective, this class still has space! 

Introduction to World Religions: Western Traditions
Professor James Wellman

JSIS C 201 SLN 16488 5 credits
MTWTh 2:30-3:20; F Quiz 8:30-9:20; 10:30-11:20; 1:30-2:20

Western religions dominate nearly three quarters of the world's populations. Understanding them and discovering their richness and depths is as important as understanding one's own identity. This critical course in the history of the religions of humankind opens windows into the reasons and movements that shape who we are today. It is a course in the comparative introduction to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but it also challenges us to understand the heritage of our world and both the positive and negative contributions that these religions have made and still made today.

While each of these traditions arose within the Middle East their influence has spread across all the continents. We will track these diverse traditions in their historical development, examining their ideas, practices and consequences on global culture.

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