New Course: INFO 201: Technical Foundations of Informatics

The Informatics program is excited to offer a new course this winter. INFO 201: Technical Foundations of Informatics.

INFO 201 will introduce students to the tools and technologies necessary to transform data into knowledge. This class does not have prerequisites and no previous programming experience is required. We hope to attract students from a variety of disciplines

This course will cover the full “lifecycle of information” and the current technologies used to improve it: how information is created from raw data, how it is collected and stored, methods of analysis and visualization, and how it may be re-used to generate new information.

Students will also gain technical skills through real-world, data-driven projects that may be applied to areas ranging from social sciences to digital humanities. Core competencies developed will include functional programming, use of databases, data wrangling, understanding of version control, and command line proficiency.

Please note that INFO 201 is listed as INFO 498F on the Winter time schedule. Even though it’s listed as a 400-level course, students can rest assured that this is indeed an introductory course.

INFO 498F (201): Technical Foundationf of Informatics

SLN: 15635 // 5 Credits // WF 1:30-3:20 // MGH 389 // Prof. Michael Freeman

In the future, INFO 201 will play a distinct role for future Informatics students, as well as non-majors seeking technical skills. For future intended majors, this course will provide the technical foundations necessary to succeed in Informatics courses. For non-majors, this course will enable students to bring information skills to their field.

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