Seattle Filipino Civil Rights Movement - WIN 2016 Course

EDUC 401D - Seattle Filipino Civil Rights Movement: Decolonizing the Campus

  • Winter Quarter 2016
  • Course Description
  • Instructor:Dalya Perez (
  • 2 Credits
  • Credit/No Credit
  • Thursdays 10-11:20am
  • Room: TB

“Decolonization is an important project for Filipino Americans.  To unlearn the internalized oppression brought on by colonization, there is a need to study how colonial identities are constructed by master narratives that serve to reinforce the social and economic and political structures that perpetuate unequal and unjust relationships of power.” (Strobel, 2001 p. vii)

In many U.S. history textbooks, as well as in the dominant narrative of the Civil Rights Movement, Filipino Americans have been labeled as an invisible or silent minority. This class examines the history of schooling as a Colonial tool used by the U.S. to silence and erase Filipino identities.  We will examine a series of Filipino activist movement in Seattle, with a special emphasis on campus protest during the Civil Rights Movement.  The goal of this class is to complicate our historical narratives by including the history of Filipino activism in the Civil Rights Movement and on UW’s Campus.   We will reframe Filipino American history with the objective of decolonizing the master narrative,  nurturing Filipino ethnic pride, and reclaiming a collective memory of resistance.  We will emphasize Filipino visibility in historical narrative as a way to mitigate the harmful consequences of colonialism.  

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