Summer Mexico Field Study Course - URBDP 498C/598C/LARCH 495A - June 21-28, 2016

Professor Fritz Wagner, Urban Design and Planning, is planning on taking another
group to Mexico this Summer, tentatively from June 21st - June 28th, 2016.  You can earn
(3-6) credits of URBDP 498C or URBDP 598C or L Arch 495A  Mexico Field Studies.  Please
see attached brochure.  They will be going to:

Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajueto with Professors Wagner, Cabana.

He needs at least (10) students to make it a go.

This course could count  as I&S or Diversity credits.

If you are interested, please contact him at:

More information: Summer Mexico Field Study Course - Overview