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Help us organize the Next System Seattle Teach-In @ UW! - Attend Info Session

Submitted by Caterina Rost on February 5, 2016 - 11:25am
Help us to organize the Next System Seattle Teach-In
Help us to organize the Next System Seattle Teach-In
The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies is collaborating with the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement for an event April 28th called the Next System Teach-In.
An Info Session will be held on February 11th for faculty, student groups, staff and community partners 

who are interested in getting involved.

When: February 11, 2016, 4.30 - 5:30 pm 
Where: University of Washington, Communications Building, CMU 126
The Next System Project is an ambitious multi-year initiative aimed at thinking boldly about what is required to deal with the systemic challenges the United States faces. This includes a call to universities for a nationwide teach-in on providing a space that offers such .
The teach-in goals are:
  • Increase collaboration among teachers, learners, and movements for system change. 
  • Start a conversation about moving beyond the current political stalemate to envisioning a new future for our community and the world.  
  • Dig deep and focus on generating ideas about the next system, and how to create change.
If you have questions, please call us or write. See you Thursday, February 11th.