Law, Societies, and Justice hosting discussion panel on Netflix series "Making a Murderer"

"Making a Murderer" Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 25th 


Savery 260 

Open to all UW students, faculty, and staff! 

Sponsored by LSJ & The LSJ Advisory Council 

The Netflix series, Making a Murdererhas stimulated a wide-ranging national and even international conversation about the criminal process in the United States. It raises questions about the presumption of innocence, the rightful conduct of the police, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and the possibilities of wrongful convictions. The series also raises questions about the ethics of documentary film-making.

This panel discussion will address these and related questions, in an attempt to understand the wider lessons that Making a Murderer might teach us.  Please note: There will be spoilers!!


  • Adam Long, Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Island County, LSJ '09
  • Ann Frost, Assistant Professor--UW Tacoma, LSJ Instructor, Former Public Defender
  • Alex Stonehill, Editor in Chief at, Documentary Filmaker, UW Communications Artist in Residence
  • Christy Keating, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County
  • Jennifer McIntyre, Attorney & Assistant Director, Snohomish County Public Defender Association