Summer Classes from Environmental Studies

5 credits – Hybrid class w/ Yen-Chu Weng – Counts for I&S/NW and Env. Studies Core  – Open to all majors. Great intro for Freshmen and Sophomores who are exploring environmental majors. 
The hybrid class model includes online lectures so students can listen at any time, and in-person weekly quiz sections.
Learn about complex environmental issues in a local and global context. Practice environmental communication and critical thinking skills through peer engagement, iterative writing, a team project and public poster presentation.

ENVIR 239: Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts

3/5 credits – Dr. Kristi Straus – Counts for I&S/NW – No pre-reqs – Open to all majors. 
Present frameworks of sustainability via exploration of key pillars of sustainability, the history of sustainability movements, and sustainability in action. Examine personal and global aspects of sustainability through issues such as smart growth, green business and energy, ecotourism, and international policy.

ENVIR 495 A: Agro-Ecosystyems of Northern Cascadia: From the backyard to the back forty

5 credits – Elizabeth Wheat – A-term – Counts for Env. Studies Perspectives & Experiences – No pre-reqs – Open to all majors. 
Become familiar with the varied agricultural ecosystems in the PNW and design and practice implementing agro-ecosystem ideals on the student farm at UW.

ENVIR 495 B: The Nature Essay

5 credits – Ned Schaumberg – Full-term – Counts for Env. Studies Perspectives & Experiences – No pre-reqs  – Open to all majors. 
Explore the genre of the nature essay through reading, analysis and engagement with the natural world. Produce inspiring nature essays in a workshop style class and learn how writing can galvanize environmental movements. This course would be a great complement to ENVIR 495 C.

ENVIR 495 C: Landscape Change in the Pacific NorthWest

5 credits – Tim Billo – A-term – Counts for Env. Studies Perspectives & Experiences – Required field trip  – Open to all majors. 
Examine the cause and consequences of wilderness loss and landscape change in the Pacific Northwest, through a challenging 9-day wilderness expedition in the Olympic Peninsula. 

ENVIR 495 D: Trash: Environmental & Social Justice Impacts of Waste 

3 credits – Frederica Helmiere – B-Term – Counts for Env. Studies Perspectives & Experiences  – Open to all majors. 
Learn more about American waste production and disposal. Explore trans-boundary dumping and the environmental, economic and ethical costs of waste in this country.
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