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Exciting New GWSS Course Offerings

Submitted by Caterina Rost on April 21, 2016 - 1:19pm
Environmental Destruction & Social Inequity Flyer
Environmental Destruction & Social Inequity Course

GWSS 290 Environmental Destruction and Social Inequity, Full Term, MW 1:10-3:20, SLN 11658

This course turns to environmental studies, feminist studies, and critical animal studies in order to grapple with the realities of environmental destruction. We will look at multiple sites of unsustainable practices including pollution, toxic waste dumping, resource extraction, and animal agriculture. In analyzing patterns of environmental destruction as well as environmental protection discourses, we will strategically apply an intersectional framework to assess how both value certain lives and disregard others. More specifically, we will analyze how racism, colonialism, sexism, transphobia and speciesism shape our environment and our discussions of protecting it. Course materials will include scholarly texts, activist works, and popular media.

GWSS 390 Bodies of Knowledge: The Cultural Politics of Science and Technology, TTh 1:10-3:20, SLN 11665

How does knowledge enter the world? This is the central question of the relationship between science and technology. By interrogating the relationship between social identity (including race, gender, sexuality, disability, and so on), science, and technology, this course will provide students with a set of critical tools they can use to analyze and critique the process of producing scientific knowledge, as well as the technologies that are derived from that production. Using an intersectional and transnational approach, we will discuss topics from reproductive technology and body modification to social media and mass surveillance. In addition, we will be using multidisciplinary methods to analyze how science and technology are theorized across the social sciences and humanities. By putting these topics into conversation, we will grapple with ongoing problems in our changing world.

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