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Biofuels to Bees...we have it all for you in Summer 2016!

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 12, 2016 - 2:12pm
ANTH 473 Flyer
ANTH 473 - Anthropology of Science & Technology

We have an amazing assortment of summer offerings that still have space…and everything from Beekeeping to Bioproducts and Biofuels, Internet Courses to Field Trip classes, A Term, B Term, Full Term…and many are NW too! 

Internet Classes (all 5 Credits)

  • BSE 190, A Term, Special Topics Internet Course, Bioproducts and Biofuels (NW)
  • BSE 211, Full Term, Creativity and Society Internet Course (VLPA/I&S)
  • ESRM 100, Full Term, Environmental Science Internet Courses (I&S/NW)
  • ESRM 320, A Term, Marketing and Management from a Sustainability Perspective (I&S/NW)
  • ESRM 321, B Term, Finance and Accounting from a Sustainability Perspective (I&S/NW)

In-Person Classes (all 5 Credits)

  • ESRM 150, Full Term, Wildlife in the Modern World (I&S/NW)
  • ESRM 201, B Term, Pacific NW Ecosystems (I&S/NW)  FIELD TRIPS…and the only quarter you can take an ESRM core class w/out being in ESRM!
  • ESRM 210, A Term, Introductory Soils  (NW) FIELD TRIPS!
  • ESRM 235, A Term, Intro Environmental Econ (I&S/NW)
  • ESRM 491 D, Full Term, BEEKEEPING
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