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Q SCI summer courses: Stats and Calculus for Biological and Environmental Science

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 12, 2016 - 2:27pm
Space is still available in the summer courses offered by Q SCI (Math and statistics as applied to environmental and biological science).
  • Small classes
  • Taught by environmental scientists
  • Can be applied to a Minor in Quantitative Science
  • Courses can help fulfil major requirements in Fisheries, Oceanography, Environmental Science and Resource Management, and Biology
Q SCI 291: Analysis for Biologists I
Introduction to differential calculus, which deals with the problem of rates of change at a given instant.  Topics include optimization and curve analysis.
Summer A Term
MTWThF 830-1040
pre-reqs: MATH 120, 2 or higher on AP Calc AB, or 153-163 on the MPT-AS placement test
Instructor: Amita Banerjee

Amita is interested in plant ecophysiology and application of statistics in plant biology. She joined the canopy dynamics lab (SEFS) in 2011 for her masters. She was fascinated by the unique leaf architecture in corn. Previous studies modeled the leaf architecture. She used nonlinear regression to study and quantify variation in photosynthesis along the curvature along corn leaves.  After getting her masters she joined the plant physiology lab for her PhD. Currently she is investigating how drought affects carbon assimilation using non-linear mixed models of photosynthesis.

Q SCI 292: Analysis for Biologists II
Introduction to integral calculus, which deals with the problems of cumulative change.   Topics include calculation of areas, volumes, and the solution of differential equations.
Summer B Term
MTWThF 830-1040
pre-reqs: Q SCI 291 or MATH 124
Instructor: Jorge Tomasevic

Jorge joined the Wildlife Science PhD program at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences in 2007 as a Fulbright fellow from Chile. He is deeply interested in data-driven bird ecology and conservation, especially on endangered species. Jorge has spent most of his program learning about bird responses to urbanization in Seattle, particularly on the Pileated Woodpecker. With extensive experience teaching, Jorge is one of the two recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award 2016 here at UW.

Q SCI 381: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Applications to biological and natural resource problems stressing the formulation and interpretation of statistical tests. Random variables, expectations, variances, binomial, hypergeometric, Poisson, normal, chi-square, "t" and "F" distributions.
Summer Full Term
MTWThF 1050-1150
pre-reqs: MATH 120, 2 or higher on AP Calc AB, or 153-163 on the MPT-AS placement test
Instructor: Colton Miller

Colton Miller is a PhD student in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.  His research interests include forest management, wildfire, and the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Northwest.  He has served as a TA for QSCI 381, 482, and 483 and first worked with the Center for Quantitative Sciences in 2013. 

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