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Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 25, 2016 - 9:34am

The Career Center presents … Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016.  This series of events and workshops is designed to help boost your job search and career plans.  Designed for recent graduates, but open to all alumni of UW.  Students and upcoming graduates are welcome as well.  No need to RSVP and there are no fees to attend.  Career paths are rarely linear or predictable.  Partner with the UW Career Center and equip yourself with strategy, feedback, support and resources for your future. 

Start this series by attending the 2016 Summer Career Fair (6/16, 2-6pm, HUB, Seattle campus) and then take advantage of one or all of the following sessions offered mid-July.  


Summer Career Fair

2:00-6:00pm, HUB, Seattle Campus


Meetup: I Just Graduated … Now What? (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

12:30-1:30, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Just graduated?  Join in on a discussion about life-after-college.  We will talk about jobs, job searching, careers, gap-years and options beyond traditional jobs/careers.  Don’t get too stressed about graduation – get ready for what’s next!  Come as you are with or without questions.

Getting Started: Exploring Career Options (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

2:00-2:30, 134 Mary Gates Hall

There are several effective ways to thoroughly explore career options – come learn about these strategies!  Join us to explore and identify possible career paths that match your values, interests, skills and may (or may not) match you majored in. Learn how to make yourself and your major more marketable to future employers!  


Getting Started: Resumes (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

12:30-1:00, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Not happy with your resume? Don’t know where to start? Let us help! We will discuss format, style, and how to write a resume that best reflects your strengths and talents.

Getting Started: Job Search (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

1:30-2:00, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Learn key strategies and tools for an efficient, successful job search.

Getting Started: LinkedIn (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

2:30-3:00, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Not sure where to start with LinkedIn? We’ll cover how to set up a basic profile and get started connecting with friends, colleagues and professionals.


Resume Lab (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

12:30-1:30, 134 Mary Gates Hall

We’ll pick up where the ‘Getting Started—Resumes’ workshop leaves off with workshop attendees working together on resume reviews and guidance from the facilitator. Before attending the lab please view the online workshop or attend the ‘Resumes: Getting Started’ workshop. Bring a draft of your resume to the lab, and if available, a relevant job posting.

LinkedIn Lab (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

2:00-3:00, 134 Mary Gates Hall

With 300+ million professionals on LinkedIn, of which 265K+ are Huskies, there are people all over the world to connect with. Learn how to create a profile that gets attention and connects you with future colleagues. If possible, bring a laptop or tablet to work on your profile.


Getting Started: Interviews (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

1:30-2:00, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Interviews can be scary—especially when they include questions like the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.” This workshop addresses general preparation, researching companies, what to expect, and answering behavior-based and other tough, important interview questions.

Interviewing Lab (Alumni Career Accelerator: Summer Series 2016)

2:30-3:30, 134 Mary Gates Hall

Be a standout to employers and tell them what they really want to know: how you are valuable to them! Learn how to highlight your strengths and demonstrate what you know about their company. We’ll practice answering interview questions in small groups. Please attend the ‘Interviews —Getting Started’ workshop, review the interviewing section of our Career Guide and/or view the Interviewing workshop on our website prior to attending.

Info about our workshops, labs and meetups:

Getting Started workshops: short, 30 minute presentations on strategies for success in the job search. Join us for topics including LinkedIn, resumes, and career fair success! Come as you are

Labs: Ready to explore further or get some practice? Join us for Labs—interactive, engaging workshops. Some Labs are come as you are, others request that you bring some materials with you. 


Meetups: Get valuable feedback and advice (and build connections) from a Career Counselor and other students in one of our Career Meetups. Casual (but productive) conversations, just for Huskies!  

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