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Preparing for Graduate School - GRDSCH 200, SLN#11640

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 25, 2016 - 9:45am

We have a great 2-credit summer quarter class! The Graduate School is offering its excellent class for students interested in exploring graduate study in more detail:  GRDSCH 200, Preparing for Graduate Education. It is just one day/week and only 2 credits. We offer this all year-round, but in the summer quarter especially it gives students a tremendous head start on the graduate school application process that will otherwise hit them with a big THUD come the start of autumn quarter! We’d really appreciate it if you would get the word out to your students who are considering summer quarter classes!

The course is perfect for graduating seniors who know they want to consider graduate school in the future.  It will set them up to fully understand the application process, and ultimately make decisions about how to approach what they want to do.  It is also great for the graduating senior who is unsure of what graduate school entails and whether they should consider it in their future.  Especially if they are not sure of what they might end up doing when they graduate!  Seniors and juniors thinking ahead will also benefit from the class.  Included is discussion and work on preparing an effective application.

This is a 2-cr, CR/NC class, perfect to balance out a schedule or just add something to a summer quarter experience!  Send students our way!

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