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Space available in the International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (JSIS 549)

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 25, 2016 - 9:52am
During Summer A session, the Master of Arts in Applied International Studies (MAAIS) program puts on an International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE) in collaboration with the U.S. Army War College.  It is a fascinating experience and a great personal development and career development opportunity for students.  We made a short video of last year’s event, which you can watch here.  
Course Details:
International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (JSIS 549 Capstone Simulation)
Professor Robert Pekkanen
3 credits
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am – 12:20pm
Army War College Briefing: July 6th, 9 - 11am
Simulation: July 7th & 8th all day
This course is part of the MAAIS curriculum, but we have an additional spots to fill, open to students across the university.  
Please share this note with both graduate and undergraduate students in your programs.  We will be taking graduate students as a first priority, but slots may be filled by upperclass undergraduates on a space available basis.  The course is listed in the Professional and Continuing Education Time Schedule here (titled Capstone Simulation). Students should email for instructions on registration.  
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