Climate Impacts on Society-ATMS/OCN/ESS 475 for FALL quarter

ATMO S/OCEAN/ESS 475 (3 credits) Current Research in Climate Science

Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:50.
Instructor: LuAnne Thompson (Oceanography)

Interested in the impacts of and responses to climate change by human society? In how these challenges impact both the ability of individuals and nations to thrive? In this seminar, we will be exploring both the impacts of climate change (both slow changes and extreme events) and the challenges that climate change brings to society. Projections of climate change suggest human populations will be impacted in multiple ways. The stability of governments will be challenged by extreme events that can impact housing, water and food supply. Stresses on natural resources can in turn lead to migration, political instability, violence, and humanitarian disasters. In addition, the strength of human society also relies on energy, food, and water security. In this class, we will explore these challenges from both natural science and social science perspectives.

Once a week we will have speakers that will address these issues from multiple perspectives, the other class meeting will focus on discussions and lectures on current issues in climate science. Assignments will be focused on writing about climate change and its impacts for different audiences. Prerequisites are familiarity with the science of climate change (i.e. ESS 201, ATMS 211) or permission of the instructor.

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