New education course for Autumn Quarter! Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

EDC&I 495 A – sln 23334 – 3cr – cr/nc 
Workshop in Improvement of Teaching: Culturally Responsive Science Teaching
Mondays 4:30pm – 6:50pm 
Savory 156 
Jessica Thompson 
Culturally responsive teaching is based on the idea that culture is central to student learning. Several cultures intersect in the classroom: the students’ and teachers multiple cultures, the culture of math and science, and the culture of school. Tied to these cultures are ways of thinking that are important for learning both in and outside of school. 
For educators the challenge is explaining mainstream culture while recognizing, respecting, and using students' identities and backgrounds as meaningful sources for creating optimal learning environments. Through readings and discussion, we will explore the complexities of learning science and mathematics in relation to ‘who we are’ and consider how teachers can support students in making sense of school knowledge in light of their life experiences. 
Specifically, we will examine four dimensions of culturally responsive math and science teaching: 1) recognizing our own and others’ worlds, 2) developing relationships to form inclusive communities, 3) providing access (to the culture of math, science and school) through curriculum and instruction, and 4) critiquing, challenging, and changing the culture of mathematics and science. 
This course is relevant for teachers in all situations. The final project for this course involves applying these ideas to a particular unit of instruction, an aspect of pedagogy, or a deepened theoretical understanding. For further information about this course please contact Professor Jessica Thompson at
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