Sustainable Careers Meet & Greet | **TODAY** | 3:30-5:00pm | HUB 334

Quick reminder: The Sustainable Careers Meet & Greet is today. This is the most popular and well attended event during the SustainableUW Festival week as it is a chance for students to talk to professionals in a diversity of roles related to sustainability. These professionals talk about their organizations, as well as their particular career path that led them to their current roles... which is never a straight line. 

Here is a link to a video with highlights from last year's Sustainability Careers Meet & Greet:

2016 Presenters:

  • Jim Hanna | Director of Datacenter Sustainability | Microsoft
  • Aley Joseph Pallickaparambil | Epidemiologist | King County Public Health
  • Josh Lawler | Ecologist & Professor | UW School of Environmental & Forest Resources
  • Ruth Lee | Senior Consultant | Sustainable Business Consulting

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