ESS 203: Glaciers and Global Change (I&S/NW, Optional W)

Need I&S, NW, or W credit? 

ESS 203: Glaciers and Global Change is a great option!  It is designed for non-science majors and has no prerequisites.

ESS 203 Glaciers and Global Change

  • 5-credits,
  • NW, I&S, optional W
  • Winter QTR 2017
  • SLN 14698
  • Instructor: Ed Waddington
  • Website:
  • No Pre-Requisites, open to both Non-Science and Science Majors 
  • Small interactive class 
  • Group activities  
  • Field trips explore impact of glaciers on Seattle.
  • Learn how glaciers work
  • Why they are changing
  • How they reveal past climate
  • How they will respond to future climate change

IPCC* confirms that around the world 

  • glaciers are melting 
  • sea level is rising 
  • millions of people, even whole countries, are at risk
  • and humans are causing it.

*Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Scientific Basis. AR5, 2013.

Your 21C world is changing fast.

  • Will you understand it?
  • Are you ready to handle it?
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