Construction Mgmt 250 *Winter only* (I&S) - ALL majors welcome

CM 250: Construction and Culture - Course Flyer
CM 250: Construction and Culture - Course Flyer

Interested in construction, architecture, engineering, culture, history, economics, politics and certainly interested in world structures?

CM 250: Construction and Culture 

  • 5 credits
  • I&S
  • MWF 2:30 - 3:50 pm 

Course description:

Study of the evolution of modern building construction with emphasis on the relationship between the projects that have been built over time and the people who built them. This course focuses on the development of building technology, equipment, and materials used by Western civilizations, and how those developments affect what we build today in the United States.

CM 250 will help students develop an appreciation for the traditions of building construction and to relate what was done in the past, with respect to materials, labor, contracts, style and equipment, to what we do today. The course studies a range of structures, including the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Hoover Dam, medieval castles, European cathedrals and skyscrapers. Throughout the course, students will examine the influences of past and current culture, religion, politics, technology and economics on the built environment. 

This class is recommended for all students interested in culture, history, and the world around them. It will provide students with a whole new way to look at the structures they interact with daily, and the places they may want to visit one day.

All majors are welcome. 

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