Italian 111 for 10 credits in Winter 2017!

Italian 111 - Course Flyer
Italian 111 - Course Flyer

Take Italian 111 in Winter 2017!

Italian 111 is a 10 credit course that covers the equivalent of Italian 101 and 102 in just one quarter.

Italian 111 is the prerequisite to Italian 103 in Spring 2017.

Why take a full year of Italian by taking 111 in Winter and 103 in Spring?

One year of Italian will earn you 15 credits of VLPA!

If you plan to study abroad in Italy at some point, having some Italian will be helpful!

If you wish to apply for a language scholarship such as the FLAS, Italian is an eligible language (French, for undergrads, is not).

You will fall in love with the language and decide to take more Italian in summer or fall either at UW in Seattle or through UW in Italy!

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