Still Openings in Dynamic Interdisciplinary GWSS Courses

GWSS 490 A, SLN 15307, TTh 12:30-2:20, Dr. Lee

Science (Fiction) What is Nature, and How do we Know?

What defines science, and how has science defined us?  This course draws on feminist science studies, philosophy of science, and feminist theories of knowledge to address questions of objectivity, ecology, and the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and ability in a variety of science fictional narratives.   

GWSS 455, SLN 15303, TTh 10:30-12:20, Dr. Keating

Contemporary Feminist Theory

The course examines concepts in contemporary feminist theory, focusing particularly closely on the theme of coalition politics. Together, we will examine the possibilities and challenges of feminist coalition politics that work to link racial, class, sexual, gender, and disability justice movements. In exploring this theme, we will ask a variety of theoretical and political questions related to solidarity and alliance, subjectivity, and group identity as well as examine ways in which feminist commitments to coalitional activism have shaped approaches to feminist scholarship. 

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