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Submitted by Caterina Rost on December 14, 2016 - 9:50pm
EDUC 351: Males of Color
EDUC 351: Males of Color

EDUC 315 - special topics -  INTRODUCTION TO  EDUCATION POLICY.     

This course provides an introduction to the basic theories, research and practice about educational policies that influence students' educational outcomes, as well as life-long opportunities and earnings.  We will discuss how educational inequalities from early childhood to college contribute to broad social and economic inequality.  No prior knowledge or experience is required.   

EDUC  351 - Males of Color:  Wellness and Educational Achievement 

This course provides an overview of the social, psychological, political, and environmental factors that shape the lives of students along the educational pipeline. Students will better understand various ethnic/racial groups and bring greater clarity to the gender-specific needs and issues of boys and men of color in order to strategically improve the lives, experiences, and outcomes for all students. Students will discuss the tensions, contradictions, and possibilities at different stages of the educational pipeline in a post-election era.   


Students will learn skills that can be applied to their own personal well being in college and beyond that can be utilized across multiple environments.  Particular focus will be given to the practice of skills and their application with issues and difficulties that are common during the college experience.  

You will learn skills to help you: 
  • Balance academics with life outside of the classroom 
  • Recognize and handle strong emotions 
  • Build positive relationships 
  • Develop more effective exam and homework strategies 
  • Cope with a setback or traumatic event
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