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Viral Web Series "Adam Ruins Everything" Features Professor Michael McCann

Submitted by Catherine G Quinn on December 15, 2016 - 4:56pm
Michael McCann in College Humor YouTube Video
Michael McCann in College Humor YouTube Video

UW Political Science Professor Michael McCann recently guest stared in an episode of College Humor’s “Adam Ruins Everything.” In the episode, Adam—with the help of McCann—dispels the myths associated with the infamous McDonald’s coffee lawsuit. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the case than “some old lady who spills hot coffee on herself and gets a million bucks” because she believes “I deserve money because I am stupid.” Adam points out that “everything you have heard about it is wrong.” To find out what actually happened, check out the episode “The Truth About the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit.” 

The video appeared on YouTube on December 14, 2016. College Humor is a comedy website based in Los Angeles that features original and funny videos. Its YouTube channel has over 11 million subscribers and the episode featuring Professor McCann has been viewed more than a million times just over the first week. Adam Ruins Everything is one of College Humor’s original web series that aims at revealing untold truths and hidden facts about everyday goods, services, and ideas. Conover also hosts a half-hour truTV show with the same title.