Study Abroad with Honors--application deadlines approaching

The Honors Program has seven programs this summer, each unique and each an opportunity for exploration, personal growth, new friends, and profound learning. 

All students are eligible! Apply by February 15 or March 1. Please spread the word! 

Italy  (Rome, Naples, Venice) "Mediterranean Crossings in History and Today   

Germany "Negotiating Identities and Mediating Communities"

Ecuador "Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, 'Race,' and Gender in Ecuador" 

Zimbabwe "Public Health in Action: Research and Implementation"

Peru "From Andes to Amazon: Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability in Peru" 

Japan "A Comparative Look at National Narratives and Identity in Japan and the U.S."

Italy "Staging the City: Performance, Power and Identity from Empire to Mussolini" 

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