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Fantastic Spring Quarter Course: GWSS/ANTH/JSIS A 328, Gender and Sexuality in China 

Submitted by Caterina Rost on February 15, 2017 - 7:03pm

GWSS/ANTH/JSIS A 328, Gender and Sexuality in China, Professor Sasha Welland, MW 2:30-4:20, SLN 21514

This course provides a rich exploration of gender and sexuality as key aspects of China’s process of modernization, from the late Qing dynasty through the building of the Republic, Communist revolution, and post-Mao economic reform. It examines, through historical, anthropological, and cultural studies scholarship, the centrality of these social constructs in terms of family, state, labor, body, and ethnicity. Offered simultaneously at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with differentiated assignments.

GWSS 390, Critical Conversations in Feminism & Technology, Ivette Bayo Urban, TTh 2:30-4:20, SLN 14833

The course is built around 5 interconnected concepts with relation to technology: Privacy, Security, Self-representation, Identities, and Archives. We will consider the implications, possibilities, and limitations of digital tools as platforms. Through readings, self-reflections, and critical conversations students will review the history and practice surrounding our embodied relationships with technology in theory and practice. Students will add to a growing archive of materials relating to feminist technologies and will collaborate on a final project that fills a need. 

This can be informative, action oriented or an expressive project.  ***Hybrid Course*** Starting week 3, this course will partially meet online.

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