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Summer Electrical Engineering Courses Open to All Majors

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 22, 2017 - 10:45am

Announcement from UW Electrical Engineering: 

Electrical Engineering has opened our sophomore level introductory courses to all UW students for Summer Quarter. This is a great chance for those curious about the field to either get a basic introduction or explore further. The prevalence of electronics in today's world encourages all of us to be at least a little familiar. All courses are Full-term. Please share this with your students.

E E 215 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
4 credits, NW
MWF 940-1040 EEB 037 (SLN 11178)
Quiz A T 940-1150 EEB 054 (SLN 11179)
Quiz B Th 940-1150 EEB 054 (SLN 11180)

Introduction to electrical engineering. Basic circuit and systems concepts. Prerequisites: PHYS 122; MATH 126; concurrent enrollment in either MATH 307 or AMATH 351.

E E 233 Circuit Theory
5 credits
MWF 1050-1150 EEB 026 (SLN 11181)
Lab A Th 830-1150 EEB 137 (SLN 11182)
Quiz T 940-1150 EEB 042

Electric Circuit Theory. Circuit analysis. Power and Energy. Intended for students considering EE or Computer Engineering as a major. Prerequisite: E E 215.

E E 271 Digital Circuits and Systems
5 credits
MTWF 1200-100 EEB 037 (SLN 11183)

Overview of digital computer systems, including their design and operation, and programmable logic devices. Prerequisite: CSE 142 or CSE 143.

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