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Summer Course - Sustaining Pacific Northwest Ecosystems

Submitted by Caterina Rost on May 30, 2017 - 10:50am
ESRM 210 Intro to Soil Flyer Summer 2017

Announcement from the UW College of the Environment:

Sustaining Pacific Northwest Ecosystems, ESRM201

Summer 2017 B-Term (July 20 - August 19) 

This course is an introduction to the priniciple of ecology using our own Pacific Northwest ecosystems as the learning environment. We will be exploring how our unique geology and geography shape our local ecosystems, and will use the urban to wildland gradient to study the effect of human activities on nature. Students will be exposed in the classroom, labs and field trips to basic ecological theory and northwest plant communities as well as to the interaction of plants, soil, soil organism, climate, hydrology, fire, insects and diseases on the landscape. 


  • Principles of ecology across an urban to wildland gradient
  • PNW plant communities 
  • Interactions of plants, soils, microbes, climate, hydrology, fire, insects, diseases, and wildlife
  • Challenges of managing ecological systems in the urbanizing PNW 
  • Develop critical analysis and documentation skills 

Four field trips: 

  • UW campus tour 
  • Washington Park Arboretum and the Union Bay Natural Area 
  • Carkeek Park 
  • West - East (Snoqualmie river, Asahel Curtis Nature Trail, Snoqualmie Pass, Blewitt Pass) 

Contact Robert Tournay at with questions. 

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