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UW professor got it right on Trump. So why is he being ignored? Prof. Christopher Parker in The Seattle Times

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on June 16, 2017 - 11:02am
Christopher Parker
On June 14, 2017, the Seattle Times published an article written by columnist Danny Westneat on Professor Christopher Parker’s 2016 prediction. Parker is one of the few people who accurately predicted the outcome of the election, furthermore “he was nearly alone in nailing down why it would happen.”
Parker explains that, “Every period of racial progress in this country is followed by a period of retrenchment. That’s what the 2016 election was about, and it was plain as it was happening.” To him this outcome seemed like a “no-brainer.”
To be clear: Neither Parker, nor the latest research, is saying that Trump voters are all racists. Most voting is simply party-line no matter who is running. What they’re saying is that worries about the economy, free trade and the rest were no more important in 2016 than in previous elections, but racial resentment spiked.
But why was he ignored? “Parker suspects the reason his research gets overlooked is because he is black. He senses it’s assumed that as a black man he must be biased about race, or is too quick to invoke it.”

To read the full article, entitled “UW professor got it right on Trump. So why is he being ignored?” visit the Seattle Times