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ENGL 382 - Autumn Quarter 2017

Submitted by Mathieu Dubeau on June 22, 2017 - 10:11am
Announcement from the UW English Department:
The Expository Writing Program in the English Department would like to advertise our ENGL 382 courses for the Autumn Quarter. The title of the courses are listed below as well as an attached pdf for ENGL 382 A and a written description for 382 B. Please circulate these courses to your students:
  • ENGL 382 A - Special Topics in Multimodal Composition: Digital Storytelling: The (Multimodal) Hero's Journey
  • ENGL 382 B - Special Topics in Multimodal Composition: Feminist Research Methods, Design Approaches, and Project Development
    • In this multimodal composition course, we will broaden our definition of writing to produce various types of texts that employ multiple modes of communication like sounds, words, images, body movement, etc. Our subject of inquiry in this course will be the intersection of feminism and multimodality. As such, we will create social justice oriented texts. We will also use our feminist lens in the qualitative and theoretical research methods that we employ to gather data for the texts we create, and a feminist approach when composing multimodal projects, meaning we will have increased attention to issues of ethics and accessibility in product design.

ENGL 382 offers the "W" credit to enrolled students who have completed their "C" requirement.

The follow section is available in the fall (SLN Included):

14636 - ENGL 382 A - MW 1:30-3:20
14637 - ENGL 382 B - TTH 1:30-3:20

You may also have students access the course information via the following link which will take students the English Department "Course Listing" page on our website: <>
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