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PhD Student Andreu Casas Salleras Receives Prestigious NYU Post-doc

Submitted by Caterina Rost on July 3, 2017 - 1:55pm

UW Political Science graduate student Andreu Casas Salleras receives the prestigious Moore-Sloan post-doc at the Center for Data Science at New York University. The center is one of the top world institutions in interdisciplinary data science research, with some of the best experts in natural language processing, computer vision, and computational social science generally. 

Casas Salleras joins the Social Media and Political Participation lab at the NYU Center for Data Science, which is directed by Jonathan Nagler, Joshua Tucker, Richard Bonneau, and John Jost. In the last years, the lab has been producing some of the most influential research on social media and politics.   

As a Moore-Sloan research fellow, Casas Salleras will work on projects studying the conditions under which social media technologies shape political attitudes and behavior, and on developing and applying machine learning technologies to automatically study large datasets of social media text and images. In addition, he will pursue his own research, which focuses on political representation, social movements, interest groups, and agenda-setting. 

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