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Some Interesting Classes in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies with space for Autumn 2017

Submitted by Mark P. Weitzenkamp on September 7, 2017 - 7:48am

GWSS 455: Contemporary Feminist Theory-- The course examines concepts in contemporary feminist theory, focusing particularly closely on the theme of coalition politics.  Together, we will examine the possibilities and challenges of feminist coalition politics that work to link racial, class, sexual, gender, and disability justice movements.  In exploring this themes, we will ask a variety of theoretical and political questions related to solidarity and alliance, subjectivity, and group identity as well as examine ways in which feminist commitments to coalitional activism have shaped approaches to feminist scholarship.

GWSS 391:Collaborations in Feminism and Technology-- This is a hybrid course, partly online and partly in class.  Using a hybrid format, this course will explore the relationship between technology, social media, and movements for gender, racial and sexual justice.  In particular, we will examine feminist theories of technology and social change, ways that activists have used technology to build coalitions and unite people across diverse contexts, and links between the "do it yourself" approach to social movements and the open-source ethics in technology cultures.  Course topics include: identity and subjectivity; technological activism; gender, race and sexualities; place; labor; ethics; and the transformative potentials of new technologies.

GWSS 290 C: From the Headlines: Protest and Spectacle- Ferguson to Campus--This course will study the relationship between race, gender and violence in the U.S.  We will seek to understand why in U.S. society there continues to be grossly disproportionate arrest, incarceration and state killing of Black, Latino, and Native men and women, despite the victories of Civil Rights or the elections of the coutnry's first Black president.