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Art History 214, "W" course, Seats still available!

Submitted by Tamara Sollinger on September 11, 2017 - 6:01pm
Art History 214 course flier
There is still space left in this great Autumn Quarter class, Art History 214. Students can select VLPA or I&S credit, and all enrolled students receive "W" credit.

ART H 214: Art of India from Mohenjo-Daro to the Mughals
Professor Sonal Khullar
MTW 3:30 - 4:20 + quiz section
Thomson 101
SLN: 10538

The course surveys the material culture and artistic production of South Asia, which includes the present-day nation states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, from antiquity until the early modern period. 

We attend to traditional art historical concerns such as the role of the artist, treatment of materials, systems of patronage, development of style, theories of aesthetics, and iconographic analysis. 

We relate South Asian art to its social contexts, emphasizing exchange and interaction between cultures and groups, including but not limited to artists, pilgrims, merchants, warriors, and kings; Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians; Indians, Persians, Europeans, Central Asians, and Southeast Asians.

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