Two UW Political Science Honors Seniors Selected as China’s Yenching Academy Scholars

Yenching University
PolSci Honors Seniors Earn Scholarships

UW Political Science Honors seniors Tobi Du and Caleb Huffman have earned positions for next year at Peking University's Yenching Academy. The Yenching Academy program allows students to chart themselves a research path for a year to earn a master's degree in China Studies.

The Yenching Academy provides a generous postgraduate scholarship that covers tuition fees, a travel stipend for one round-trip journey between each Scholar’s base city and Beijing, accommodations, and living costs on Peking University's campus. The Academy offers a residential program aimed at creating a community of enthusiastic, globally oriented young innovators in the heart of China's top university. Such close proximity to the academic infrastructure of Peking University provides a unique opportunity to participate and fully immerse oneself in the life of the university.

For the full story and details of the program please see the UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs story here.