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Organizing Beyond Barriers (OBB) - UNITE-HERE, Local 8

Organizing Beyond Barriers (OBB), UNITE HERE’s binationally coordinated internship program, builds a progressive alliance of workers, students and community activists by training, agitating, and inspiring people to fight for justice. We place a lot of emphasis on training and fieldwork. People learn by doing, whether it’s hearing about the real situations of working people in a house visit, doing research on a corporation, speaking truth to power on a delegation, or recruiting friends, family, or coworkers to an action. UNITE HERE is committed to inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to join our movement.

The Program: Workers, students and community activists across the United States and Canada come together for trainings and internships ranging from one day to 8 weeks to learn how to organize or do campaign research. OBB organizing and research interns are deeply engaged in pushing forward union organizing campaigns. The OBB program connects the workers’ rights movement with student-led movements, struggles for justice for LGBTQ people, Black Lives Matter, the immigrants’ rights movement and other struggles for economic and social justice.

Applications open from mid-April to end of May 2019. For more information or to apply: Contact Natalie Kelly, Lead Organizer, 206-963-3637,

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