Summer Class - Religion, Violence, & Peace

This summer the Jackson School is offering a class from the Comparative Religion department that covers the intersection of modern violence, peace efforts, and resistance movements and the religions that inspire them. Please see the following information and the attached flyer.

JSIS 205 - Religion, Violence, & Peace
Days/Time: Tues/Thurs 9:40-11:50.
Location: MOR 220
SLN: 14314
Instructor: Megan Ward, PhC

This course explores the complex relationship between various world religions, violence, and peace as a central phenomenon that bridges the boundaries of academic disciplines, historical periods, and global cultures. Readings from anthropology, religious studies, history, and sociology discuss the ways in which religion, conflict, and violence are interwoven across history and cultures. Using both historical and modern cases, the class asks how religion relates to resistances that are both peaceful and violent. More specifically, this class questions whether conflict and violence necessary components of religion, if religion can be a reliable resource for peace, and whether it provides healing or even agency in the face of oppression and state violence.
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