Letter from the Chair

John Wilkerson, Department Chair
John Wilkerson

It is a pleasure to introduce Jake Grumbach, our newest faculty member. Jake is already making a mark in the profession, having won two research awards at the most recent convention of the American Political Science Association. As an expert on State Politics, he also fills an important need in our undergraduate curriculum. He brings a lot of positive energy and I expect that he will be a very popular instructor. Welcome Jake!

This newsletter also highlights a longtime member of our undergraduate advising staff, Mark Weitzenkamp. He is just one of several staff with advanced degrees who continue to pursue their passions outside of the workplace.

We also have two very interesting public events scheduled. On October 22,  two prominent Republican and Democratic political consultants will be providing a preview of the 2020 Elections. And on November 18, Suzanne Mettler (Cornell University) will be talking about her new book project which considers five earlier episodes in US history when democracyin the form it existed then—was imperiled. What lessons do those episodes have for the present? We hope you can join us.

Finally I would like to say how much I enjoy signing the thank you letters we send in response to the unsolicited contributions we receive throughout the year. I do not know most of you but it is wonderful to see that people remember and care about the department!

John Wilkerson