Dive info session Monday, 10/14 3:30 pm, FSH 213

Diving Info Session
Monday, 10/14
3:30 pm
FSH 213

RSVP requested: https://forms.gle/ngxcfwacH7cGeYUB7

Explore how to make diving a part of your study of marine biology and the local marine environment with two UW Scientific Divers:

  • Dr. Katie Dobkowski: Instructor, Friday Harbor Labs (Marine Subtidal Ecology)
  • Will Love: Diving Safety Officer, UW Environmental Health & Safety

No dive experience required: Katie and Will will introduce why the Pacific Northwest can be a great place to dive, the training and equipment involved, and how beginners can get started. Experienced divers can hear what's involved with scientific dive training - especially through the Marine Subtidal Ecology course taught at Friday Harbor Labs in summer 2020.

Light refreshments provided

Read more about the Marine Subtidal Ecology course (summer 2020) at: https://fhl.uw.edu/courses/course-descriptions/course/marine-subtidal-ecology/

Please send any questions to: Joe Kobayashi, Marine Biology Adviser (marbiol@uw.edu)    

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