Call for Economizer submissions

The Economics Undergraduate Board (EUB) is opening up article submissions for the Economizer to all majors interested in economics. Share your passions, opinions and new ideas with your peers and faculty.

This is an opportunity for your article to be published in an undergraduate journal and featured on the EUB website. You may and are encouraged to write about concepts covered in your courses, whatever that might be.

Articles will be judged based upon:

  1. Clarity of argument/writing
  2. Correct writing/prose
  3. Application of content to current events
  4. Clear evidence of your passion and knowledge on the topic
  5. Clear connection and relevance to economics

Submissions are due by Friday, 8th November 2019, 5pm PST.

No late submissions will be accepted.

Submit your article here:

What is the Economizer?

The Economizer is a quarterly newsletter published in the Department of Economics at the UW. The newsletter serves as a platform for the members of various departments to discuss current economic issues and opinions. It is also a way of keeping our undergraduates informed about events happening in and around the Department of Economics.


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