Are Do-Gooders Doing Good?

Are Do-Gooders Doing Good? Critical Perspectives on Civic Engagement (General Studies 344A; SLN 15016)

Are you committed to giving back? Trying to make a difference? Want to get more out of your volunteer experience and make a stronger impact in the community?  During Winter Quarter, we invite you to join in a critical reflection on what it truly means to “do good”. 

General Studies 344 will offer a hands-on opportunity to explore the concept of civic engagement; students will critically reflect on their own service experiences through personal and academic lenses, engage with ethical frameworks for community-based work, and learn from the experiences of local and historical community leaders. In addition to those perspectives, the course will draw upon current issues/events affecting various communities at large, as well as students' involvement in service and will weave these together with elements of other academic coursework and future academic/career goals.

The course has a required service-learning component; students are encouraged to utilize current service commitments toward this requirement, though individualized support will be offered to those looking for a service opportunity.  This is a three-credit course that is offered as credit/no credit. Sessions will be held on Thursdays from 3:30-5:20PM

Those interested in the course should email with questions and/or to request an add code. 

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