Winter quarter ENGL 285 Writers on Writing. VLPA

Student Endorsements for the course are strong:

  • “If I had taken this class as a 1st year, I would be a creative writing major. It’s SO COOL.”
  • “In other creative writing classes, it can be intimidating if you have little to no experience…. But this course leaves more room for rough drafts, so it’s a great intro.”
  • “The lectures were fantastic. Every one of them was different & useful.”
  • “The variety of prompts & speakers did a great job of pulling me just slightly out of my comfort zone, enough to learn quite a bit without being stressed out.”
  • “Everyone should be able to benefit from creative writing—from self-exploration to enhanced perception of the world to increased overall writing ability—they should, of course, take this class.”
  • “Eye-opening in many ways—especially the different stories being shared.”
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