Informatics Electives

Interested in taking Informatics Electives Winter 2020? Check out these special topics!

INFO 498 D: Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Digital World

  • Instructor: Sandy Littletree
  • 4 credits; standard grading

Indigenous people are using a variety of digital tools such as video games, virtual reality, language apps, and digital heritage sites to maintain their relationships to place, language, history, and culture. In this course, we will explore the respectful use and development of these tools with an emphasis on Native North American Indigenous approaches to knowledge. By the end of this course, students will understand how relationality can inform thoughtful, respectful and appropriate uses of information technology that is designed by and for Indigenous people.


INFO 498 F: Religion and Information Technology

  • Instructor: Mx WE King
  • 4 credits; standard grading

This course will explore the ways major religious organizations, communities and individuals use the internet and information technologies. From following Pope Francis (@Pontifex) on Twitter or the Dalai Lama (@dalailama) on Instagram, to engaging with an online community of Queer Muslims or experiencing a live-streamed mega-church service, students will learn a critical technocultural approach to studying the ways religious organizations, communities, and individuals use information technologies. Using participant-observation, students will choose a site to explore and offer a critical analysis of their experience.

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